Former Employee Remembers Aubrey McClendon

Monday, March 7th 2016, 6:53 pm
By: News 9

Aubrey McClendon's contributions to the Oklahoma community aren’t his only legacy. The aggressive billionaire was also determined to give his employees a better life.

Many people attended Aubrey Kerr McClendon's memorial service Monday and each had their own story to tell about how he touched their life.

One of his former assistants was so touched by McClendon that she named her daughter after him and his wife.

Robin Evans was McClendon's executive assistant at Chesapeake Energy for seven years.

The amount of time and work to keep up with the high energy, high profile oil and gas mogul, formed a close relationship between the two.

Evans even kept a file -- a tiny file -- but one that is highly treasured. The file contains personal notes from McClendon praising her work.

During that time, she and her husband also struggled with infertility & the enormous cost of invitro fertilization, spending $40,000 on treatments. Once McClendon learned of it and that insurance didn't cover it, he added it to the company insurance.

McClendon took notice of a personal struggle one of his thousands of employees was going through, examined his company policies, and made a change. 

A change offered to what was then more than 10,000 employees and their families.

She named her daughter after the CEO - Aubrey Kate. Her second name was to honor McClendon's wife, Katie.

Aubrey Kate now has a brother. Reece was also a miracle; conceived without any medical intervention.

McClendon wore many hats for Oklahoma City. He was a pioneer, a force of change, and even a reckless billionaire, but Evans sees a generous caretaker.