Surprise Win For Bernie Sanders In Michigan Democratic Primary

Tuesday, March 8th 2016, 11:48 pm
By: News 9

11:30 p.m. ET CBS News is projecting Bernie Sanders as the winner of the Michigan Democratic primary.

10 p.m. ET

Clinton addressed supporters in Cleveland, Ohio on Tuesday night. Like Sanders, she didn't mention the races in Michigan or Mississippi and instead looked ahead to the next primaries.

"Now, I know we have a long way to go. In fact, the future that I envision is going to take work from all of us," she said. "I want to knock down the economic barriers, the health care barriers, the education barriers, the kind of challenges people face every day. You're here tonight, and you're going to do everything you can in this next week, along with people in Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, who are going to the polls. I hope you're going to the polls ."

9:40 p.m. ET

According to the latest CBS News exit polling results from Michigan:

Sanders has stayed competitive with Clinton in Michigan by winning the under-30 vote overwhelmingly (82 percent to 17 percent); and he won among those 30 to 44 (56 percent to 43 percent); Clinton won the over-45 vote by 58 percent to 39 percent.

As many as 23 percent of the Democratic voters were African-American, and Clinton carried their votes, 64 percent to 32 percent. Overall, Clinton won only 60 percent of the votes of non-whites in Michigan.

Sanders won among white Democrats, 59 percent to 39 percent.

Clinton did well among voters who said they think of themselves as Democrats ( 55 percent to Sanders' 43 percent); Sanders did much better among those who considered themselves independents (73 percent to 26 percent).

As many as 22 percent of voters said they were "very liberal," and Sanders won this group by a 61 percent to 39 percent margin. Sanders ran strongly among Democratic voters who were most worried about the direction of the economy (59 percent to 38 percent).

Nearly six in 10 voters said that international trade led to the loss of U.S. jobs, and Sanders won the votes of 60 percent of these voters.

9:30 p.m. ET

Sanders spoke to a crowd of about 3,800 people in Miami on Tuesday night, already looking ahead to the March 15 Florida primary.

"Next Tuesday here in Florida, let's show the world," he said, "let's show the world that democracy is alive and well with a huge voter turnout, huge!"

9:05 p.m. ET

The Democratic primary in Michigan is currently a toss-up between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Clinton is winning the support of about 76 percent of African-American voters, although they make up a smaller share of the electorate in Michigan (about a quarter) than in Mississippi, where Clinton claimed a clear victory.

Sanders currently leads among white voters, 54 percent to 44 percent. Clinton, meanwhile, is winning the support of women (54 percent to 43 percent), but the race is tighter among men. It is also close among white women. Sanders continues to run strong among voters under age 30 (at 82 percent support)

Those who decided on their candidate early on are going for Clinton, while the race is closer among those who made up their minds in the last week (44 percent for Clinton, 51 percent for Sanders).