OKC Police: Aubrey McClendon Did Not Try To Slow Down

Monday, March 14th 2016, 6:51 pm
By: News 9

Oklahoma City Police release new details about the fiery crash that killed former Chesapeake CEO Aubrey McClendon.

The investigation finds McClendon reached speeds of 89 miles per hour just before his Chevy Tahoe slammed into a concrete bridge on March 2nd.

Oklahoma City Police Chief Bill Citty said the SUV's crash data box shows that McClendon was traveling 88 mph northbound on Midwest Boulevard, when he suddenly veered left about 189 feet prior to impact.

As he approached the bridge, the vehicle briefly reached 89 mph, and police said, he tapped the brake pedal 'several' times but not enough to slow the vehicle.

"It didn't really slow the vehicle down, the vehicle maintained about 88 mph through that whole episode even when he was touching his brake," said Citty.

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McClendon only let off the throttle one second before impact, police said.  The SUV hit the embankment at 78 mph.

His vehicle burst into flames.

"We don't know what was going on in the cab or what was going on his mind," Citty said he would not speculate on why McClendon only tapped the brake pedal.

The collision report shows there were no skid marks at the scene.

McClendon was not wearing a seat belt and Citty said, "according to preliminary reports from the medical examiner, McClendon did not suffer from a medical episode prior to the crash."

The investigation into McClendon's death is ongoing. Investigators will be looking to review his cell phone records, emails, and events leading up to his death.

"We have investigators that will be trying to put the pieces together from maybe the night before until the night this happen to find out if there would have been any reason that he may have decided to take his own life,"

A federal grand jury indictment came down the day before McClendon's death. He was accused of rigging bids for oil and natural gas leases.