Felony Charges Filed Against Fake FBI Informant

Tuesday, March 15th 2016, 10:08 pm
By: News 9

Police responded to a Hop & Sack convenience store in Tuttle just off Highway 37 to the report of a suspicious vehicle Sunday evening.

Police said 33-year-old Kristy Goodwin, who was in the vehicle, admittedly gave officers a false name and said she lied because she is an FBI informant, trying to help them put away the Irish mob.

Court documents showed Goodwin added, "They're trying to catch them up on dope, but they also have a ring of things goin [sic]."

Police said she couldn't give the officer proof she worked for the FBI.

“Didn’t all add up,” Tuttle police detective Shana Berryhill said.

Documents state Goodwin searched for a contact card of a man she worked with at the FBI named John, without any luck finding it.

During the search she reportedly handed the responding officer a plastic bag filled with hundreds of documents, telling him it was “just trash.”

“He started finding all this mail from multiple people – notebooks that had people’s names with social security numbers, dates of birth and account information. And there’s also a folder with check writing software and blank check paper,” Berryhill said.

Investigators also found two apparently fraudulent checks filled out and endorsed along with the documents.

And in Goodwin’s purse, which she agreed to be searched, the officer found an iPad. Goodwin said it belonged to a “known Irish Mob Gang Leader/Drug Dealer” named Curtis McCracken.

Police said at least 30 names, some children, appeared in her collection, from Moore, Oklahoma City, Del City, Yukon and Tuttle.

But Goodwin said everything police found was given to her to help her catch the criminals for the FBI.

And she stuck with that story all the way to the Grady County jail where she faces felony charges including false personation and receiving or concealing stolen property.

At the time of her arrest, Goodwin also had felony and misdemeanor arrest warrants from Lincoln and Muskogee counties.

Berryhill urged anyone with missing mail problems to contact Tuttle police at 381-4467.