Homeless Artists Show Off, Sell Works At Show

Saturday, March 19th 2016, 8:57 pm
By: Grant Hermes

Tucked into the corner of this weekend's home and outdoor living show inside Oklahoma’s State Fair Park was a booth for those not fortunate enough to have a stroke of luck, but hoping the stroke of a brush would work instead.

“Two mornings a week our guests at the west town shelter can come in and create works of art,” said Kathy Rawdon, Homeless Alliance case manager.

The art is from the Oklahoma City Homeless Alliance's Fresh Start program. It provides homeless artists with the tools, materials and space to create.

Artists even get lessons about art theory to boost their skills with the hopes their art will go to good homes that one day, they might too.

“It's really helping our artists supplement their incomes. We've had a couple of our artists been able to get into housing as a result of this,” Rawdon said.

Rawdon is an artist and formerly ran the program.

All of the art was for sale, from postcards priced at $10 to $100 wall art. All the money went to help give the artists a hand up out of poverty, in one way or another.

The art was wide ranging; from realist to abstract, from big to small. Each artist told their own unique story within each piece.

“It's just the fact that the artists put their souls into the pieces,” Rawdon said.

But even if the work doesn't sell, Rawdon said the program is one of a kind. She said it serves as break from the struggle of life without a home.

“When you're homeless, it's a really tough condition, um, just in daily life. It's a respite to come in relax create, be able to just get in touch with that creative side,” she said.

The home and outdoor living show is from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday at the Oklahoma State Fair Park inside the Centennial building. The art is also available at the Homeless Alliance in downtown Oklahoma City year round.