Edmond PD Identifies Suspect, Releases Dash Cam Video Of High Speed Chase

Thursday, March 24th 2016, 10:39 pm
By: News 9

A high speed chase reached nearly 100 miles an hour, as an Edmond man out ran officers.

Now, Edmond police have named the suspect and released the dash cam video showing the scary scene.

Court records show it’s not the first time the man has run from police. In fact, he was charged just last summer for a similar crime.

The pursuit began as a stake out at an apartment complex in Edmond.

Police said it was part of routine surveillance they do at the complex, a known crime area to the Edmond PD that involves drug use and drug sales.

Within moments of arriving, an officer spotted a man, now identified as Caleb Bullock, walk out.

“This suspect came out of the apartment in kind of a hurried manor put something in the back side of the vehicle,” said Jenny Wagnon, Edmond Police Spokeswoman.

The officer suspected Bullock was stashing drugs he just bought inside.

When Bullock left the officer followed him. Then, the officer tried to pull Bullock over for a traffic stop.

But when the officer shined his spotlight into Bullock's mirror, he sped off blowing through several stop signs at speeds close to 100 miles an hour.

Right around Memorial Road, the officer saw something thrown out from Bullock's car.

Officers searched the area, but never found anything.

Driving more than double the speed limit caused the officer to bottom out, knocking the camera off his dash. But he had an idea of who the driver may be after running his tag number and ended his pursuit.

Bullock crashed at the next intersection and took off running.

An Oklahoma City K-9 unit and Air One were brought in to help search, but Bullock was nowhere to be found.

Police told News 9 they will file charges on Bullock for running from their officer.