News 9 Helps Disabled Man Find Missing Truck

Friday, April 1st 2016, 6:34 pm
By: News 9

A disabled man walks outside to find his truck gone and contacts News 9 for help. It all started Thursday.

“Lee had to go into Bethany on appointment yesterday,” Lee Skodak’s friend Mark Nance said.

Lee Skodak had to take care of some business. He's disabled. While working beneath a car years ago, it fell and crushed him. He had a stroke from complications, and now he can't speak. However, he hears everything and communicates by text. He also drives, but when he walked outside to the parking lot, his truck was gone.

He called 911, but, of course, he couldn't talk and that was useless. Someone finally got a hold of police for him. His truck was reported stolen.

“As he says, his old worn out truck,” Nance said.

His friend called News 9 for him, and then we went back to where the truck was taken, noticed the slew of no parking signs and talked with a few folks who told us who tows vehicles that aren't supposed to be there.

We called the wrecker service, and lo and behold, they had Skodak's truck. It'd been towed.

"Your car was left in a bad spot. That's what happened, and it was private property and it said no parking, and so the owner called us to impound the vehicle,” Bob Rodgers of Bob Rodgers Garage and Wrecker said.

Rodgers said he sent Lee a certified letter which he hasn't had time to get. Rodgers was just doing his job, and Skodak just needed a place to park.

Rodgers waived all the fees he could and didn't charge him for storage.

Businesses have 72 hours to notify someone when they're vehicle is towed. There was no handicapped parking in the parking lot.