DUI Checkpoint, Vigil Set To Remember Young Family Killed In Drunk Driving Crash

Tuesday, April 5th 2016, 10:55 pm
By: News 9

Wednesday marks one year since a young family of three was killed by a drunk driver.

The victims' family teamed up with Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office and the Oklahoma Highway Patrol to host a DUI checkpoint in their honor.

The sobriety checkpoint will happen Wednesday night in Oklahoma County, and is an event that could save the lives of another family.

Their story is a sobering reminder of the unknown dangers on the road.

“They didn't make it all the way through the intersection of Rockwell when he hit them,” said La Jan Fields.

Last April, 23-year-old Demetrius Price T-boned the side of the family's car killing Shannon West instantly. Her fiancé, Jason Fields, and their almost 2-year-old daughter died at the hospital.

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“If someone is killed by a drunk or distracted driver you don't have that chance to tell them good-bye. And that's something you live with,” said Fields.

Fields describes the past year as a blur, and her hope is that this checkpoint could save another family.

“You haven't hurt anyone yet, but do you want to be the one that wakes up and you've killed an entire family? That's all I want them to realize,” she said.  

Fields often visits the intersection of Reno Avenue and Rockwell Avenue where three small crosses mark the spot Jason, Shannon and Ruby were hit.

The Fields family will take part in a DUI checkpoint, honoring three young lives taken by a drunk driver.

“I hope that no one is drunk. I hope no one is stoned. I hope everyone is driving legal. That's my hope. It's probably a pretty farfetched one, but that's what i would like to see,” she said.

Sentencing for Price is set for May 10.

The family is holding a candlelight vigil at 11:20 p.m. Wednesday, marking the time of the crash.