Your 2 Cents: Donald Trump Explains Plan To Make Mexico Pay For Border Wall

Wednesday, April 6th 2016, 11:27 pm
By: News 9

Donald Trump says he'd cut off the flow of money Mexican nationals working here send back home to their relatives, and maybe restrict Visas for Mexican businessman to get Mexico to pay for his much talked about border wall.

Here's what you had to say about it:

Nickolas first, "Surely Trump recognizes where they're walls, they are matched with planes and tunnels. Destroying Mexico's economy would strength drug cartels, cause an exodus of their people.”

From Wade, "Trump has a better plan than anyone else I've heard, oh wait no one else has submitted one."

Casey in Norman writes, "He's an idiot. The wall will cost roughly 25 billion to build. It'll cost that much in maintenance before it's even done being built. And roughly that amount every five years thereafter. Colossal waste of money."

Richard says, "While I don’t think the ideas he put forward will work, I'm sure there are other ways to get the job done and provide jobs."

From Ponca City, Linda writes, "Stupid just like all of his rhetoric. Let him use his billions on the wall."

Ann asks, "Why do we take time out of our valuable day to even debate this dangerous lunatic?"

Finally from Cathy in Choctaw, "At least Trump is trying to come up with some answers. Better than what we have now."

I'm Kelly Ogle and that's Your 2 Cents.