Red Dirt Diaries: Deer Creek Ivy League Senior

Friday, April 8th 2016, 6:21 pm
By: Karl Torp

Recently, we've been hearing about the college entrance exploits of high school seniors around the country, including a girl out of New York that was accepted to all 8 Ivy League schools.

News 9’s Karl Torp introduces us to our own superb senior with plenty of enrollment choices come fall.

Deer Creek High School Nasser Odetallah is getting ready to make is official choice for college after applying to the elite of high learning.

“My goal through the entire thing was to be as honest as I could about myself, because if a college were to accept me I would want them to accept me for who I am not who I'm trying to be,” said Odetallah who filled out application and wrote essays for admission at 13 universities.

On April 1, Nasser learned he was accepted into 7 of 8 Ivy League every school but one.

That one Ivy League school is Columbia, where Nasser is on the waiting list.

“I was kind of in disbelief,” added Odetallah about checking online to learn he got into so many top schools.

Only one of the 12 schools he applied to declined his acceptance out right: Stanford.

Nasser said he’s not holding any grudges.

“Just to get into one is enough for any student,” added the Senior Valedictorian, who thought he may not get into any of the Ivy League schools.

Nasser got into the one school that matter most, his top choice of Yale.

He plans to double major in Biology and Spanish.