OKC Students, Teacher Want To Create A More Meaningful City Flag

Monday, April 11th 2016, 2:15 pm
By: News 9

Some students at Dove Science Academy in Oklahoma City are working on a project that can impact the entire community. It’s a mix of art and history. Students are trying to create a new city flag.

The current OKC flag is white with a city seal in the middle. John Bratt described it to his class as “a seal on a bed sheet.” He said seals are representative of the city on paper, but are not meant to be on flags.

As a proud Oklahoma City resident, Bratt launched The OKC Flag Project and got his students involved. Bratt’s freshmen classes are pairing up and drawing new ideas. He has been doing this for a few years, but the project has grown tremendously.

The Survivor Tree, the state bird, Route 66 and more symbols are all ideas that come to the students’ minds, but it doesn’t stop with his 9th grade kids. Those who took Bratt’s class last year say they are invested and are using a sophomore project called The Close Up Project to take the next step.

Close Up is a mentoring program where students take something into the community and fix it to make a change. This year, the sophomores have taken up The OKC Flag Project as their concentration.

“It’s not just a theoretical, ‘Hey what if we change the city flag?’ It’s we want this flag changed. We want something that Oklahoma City deserves,” said sophomore Sahar Hasan.

The goal is to bring this project beyond Dove Science Academy and eventually get a new flag approved by the city council. It’s to make a positive change in the city they love and adore.

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