Rayo OKC Fights For Right To Sell Beer At Games

Monday, April 11th 2016, 6:44 pm
By: Karl Torp

There's a beer battle going for the professional soccer team, Rayo OKC.

Two games into their inaugural season, the team hasn't been able to sell beer, even though they were issued a permit to do so.

“All fans want to have the full range of what we call the ‘fan experience.’ Part of that means the ability to enjoy an adult beverage,” said Rayo OKC general manager Eric Newendorp.

Newendorp said not only has the teams’ ability to sell 3.2 beer been OK'd by Yukon Public Schools, it successfully obtained a permit to sell beer at its first home game.

“We followed every process,” Newendorp said.

Canadian County Court Clerk Marie Ramsey Hirst admitted to having reservations over Rayo's request.

“Its school property,” Ramsey Hirst said.

Nobody officially protested the permit application after it was publicly posted so the request was granted.

But right before the first home game April 2, Canadian County Sheriff Randal Edwards banned beer sales, saying it was against state law.

Rayo OKC argues that since hosting a professional soccer game is their organization's main purpose, and not selling beer, they can legal sell low point beer at games.

The organization has applied for another permit for their next home game April 30.

“If the fan experience is lessened because they can't buy beer and that prompts them not to buy a ticket, that is damaging to us,” Newendorp said.