Dean: Baker Mayfield On Track To Be Better Than Ever

Tuesday, April 12th 2016, 5:43 pm
By: Dean Blevins

A year ago many of us came away from OU’s spring game unconvinced that Baker Mayfield was ready to take hold of the reigns of the Oklahoma offense. There was no doubt here that with Trevor Knight’s struggles in 2014 that Mayfield would be the 2015 starter.

But two really ugly ‘no-don’t-dare-throw-deep-into-triple-coverage-again' interceptions. And a few others that should have been picked. Or decisions that were simply not smart – defined as anti-Bob Stoops and No. 1 no-no for Sooner QBs – but not any worse than his competition in Knight and Cody Thomas.

Last Saturday, in the most glorified semi-football game since our Tullius Dodge Striders rolled it up on Baskin-Robbins in the Norman City Flag Football Championship throughout the 1980s, Mayfield was exponentially improved. He, Austin Kendall and Kyler Murray threw exactly zero picks and their mates lost exactly zero fumbles.

Yes, Bake’s body is more cut, his arm a tad stronger and his playmaking ability at least as good as it was in his stunning breakout season last fall. But it’s between the ears where the Independent One improved the most.

OU’s senior leader displayed impressive poise, presence and decision-making that will be the cornerstone around which these 2016 Sooners build their hopes of making it back to football’s Final Four. And in this interview attached, I sensed a wildly popular cat who has his eyes on something bigger than winning games and throwing touchdowns.

I think Mayfield has his eyes set on making critics eat their words. Again. I believe Mayfield plans to make a living doing this QB thing. I believe Mayfield is dead set on being an NFL quarterback. And there’s certainly nothing wrong if that is indeed a primary driving force as he prepares for his final, fun season with the Eds and Co-Eds on the Norman campus.

And I wouldn’t bet against him.