Cleveland Co. Police Chase Suspect Found Hiding In Ironic Location

Friday, April 15th 2016, 6:32 pm
By: News 9

A school is put on lockdown after a high speed chase ends in a donkey’s pen.

Little Axe Schools were placed on lockdown Tuesday, while deputies searched for the suspects of a high speed chase that ended near a dead end country road near Newalla.

Authorities said Ronald Riggs jumped out of his moving car and tried to hide from deputies.

They said Riggs just left a known drug house and eventually pulled over, and two passengers got out. However, Riggs tried to fake out deputies and took off again, fishtailing up and down country roads. He almost hit power poles and trees before a dead end road forced him out of his car.

"He kind of swerved around a little bit at that fence and through there,” Leanna Sivils said. "He nosed down into the hump of hay."

Then, Riggs took off running, and in Leanna's opinion, the wrong way.

"He took off running that way, and that was stupid. He had to cross my donkey pen and over the back fence to go there. He could have got lost down there,” she said.  

"So you're saying he went the wrong way?" asked News 9’s Joleen Chaney.

“Yeah,” she said.

Leanna wasn't the only one watching all this unfold. So was Sky News 9.

"An officer comes through and says which way did he go? I said, ‘He's laying right over there.’” she said. "The donkeys are looking right at him."

Riggs was taken into custody.

"First you park in my horse pen,” she said. “And then you go..."

“To the donkey pen.”

"I can't believe some of these people. They do something bad and then come onto a dead end road,” continued Sivils. “That is really crazy."

Riggs is facing several charges including eluding authorities. Deputies also found a loaded syringe inside the center console of his car.