Edmond Police Increasing Patrol On City's Deadliest Stretch Of Road

Wednesday, April 20th 2016, 5:07 pm
By: Dana Hertneky

Police said the two-mile section of Kelly between 15th and Danforth is the deadliest stretch of road in Edmond. Now, police are taking action.

Edmond police said for the next couple weeks they will be out in force in the area and they will be writing tickets.

Police aren't quite sure why the straight section of north to south road through the middle of Edmond is particularly dangerous, but it is.

“By far outnumbers any of our other areas of town,” said Lt. Acey Hopper with the Edmond Police Department.

That includes seven fatalities in recent years, including a deadly motorcycle accident just last month. But if that doesn't get your attention, maybe the sight of an officer writing tickets will.

“For those who can’t police themselves, we’ll be in the area,” said Lt. Hopper.

Police said all those accidents can't be attributed to just one thing, so they'll be watching for everything.

“We’re trying to get people to pay attention to their driving, their lane changes, the signal lights. Those types of thing have come into play in the collisions.”

After this month, Lt. Hopper said they’ll ramp up patrols again in a few months.

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