Don't Miss Out On These Good Foods With Bad Reputation

Thursday, April 28th 2016, 9:16 am
By: News 9

Summer's right around the corner, and a lot of Americans are jumping on low carb or no carb diets to shed the extra pounds. But health experts say many of us are giving up certain foods because we "think" they're bad.

One of the first foods to go in the trash for a low or no carb diet, bread. But health experts say put some jelly on it.

You also don't have to feel guilty about eggs, Eggs usually get a bad rep because of the higher sources of cholesterol. But recent evidence shows eggs do not raise the cholesterol in our blood.

Nutritionists say eat the whole egg for even more benefits, including a high-quality protein and all nine essential amino acids.

Experts say you can eat bread, 100 percent whole-wheat to be specific. White breads are usually stripped of minerals, protein and fiber. But whole-wheat bread has it all plus it helps regulate blood sugar.

Here you go chocolate lovers. Hot Chocolate is cool. The delicious winter time drink is demonized for sugar content. But experts say just don't add the sugar.

Research says dark chocolate is even better for you and can help reduce blood pressure.

Salad dressing, white potatoes, and pasta are other foods that experts say you should stop avoiding. They also say that your main focus when it comes to a successful diet is moderation.