Female OKCPD Employee Retiring After 38 years

Thursday, April 28th 2016, 5:51 pm
By: News 9

On Thursday, Oklahoma City Police department celebrated the retirement of a woman who has worked for them for more than 38 years - and she has seen a lot during her time there.

Alice Troy spent most of her time on the force checking the parking meters around town -  and writing tickets when she absolutely had to do it. The rest of the time she did everything she could to help people who were coming downtown, and she was also one of the first responders to the Oklahoma City bombing.

“We all jumped in our vehicles and we headed that way,” said Troy.

Troy can remember every aspect of that terrible day – April 19th 1995 -from the papers and debris flying all over the street, to the swarms of national media that came to cover the aftermath.

“We really had a big job to do with keeping the right people in and not letting the wrong people in,” said Troy.

And during her almost four decades on the force, Troy saw both downtown and Bricktown go through several ups and downs.

“It’s just amazing the changes that have happened over the years that I've been here,” recalls Troy. “Sometimes I'm amazed that I can't remember what was on what corner.”

Most times she just tried to make sure people parking downtown were feeding the meters. But she's seen some crazy things during her long career. She even had a suicide jumper land on her car.

“Everybody came  running,” said Troy. “They thought I was really hurt. But I wasn't. it was just amazing that I lived through that!”

She is one of the longest tenured police service technicians on the force and has always been known for her big heart and even bigger smile. And now that her time with the police department  has run out, Alice says she plans on doing a lot of traveling but still plans on helping out people who come and visit downtown.

“I love helping people,” said Troy.

And many people, especially at OPCD, love her too.