Your 2 Cents: Can Ted Cruz Supporters Back Donald Trump?

Wednesday, May 4th 2016, 10:46 pm
By: News 9

Ted Cruz, who won the primary in Oklahoma and had a lot of support here, has ended his bid for the White House after a bitter battle with Donald Trump.

So I asked Cruz supporters if they can vote for Trump at this point.

Nathalene says, "I want to know who Trump is picking for his vice president"

Tim writes, "Yes.......I'm on the ABC train now. Anybody but Clinton!"

But Susan says, "This is a year I probably won't vote. I will have to think long and hard about Clinton."

From Maryanne, "We've got no choice.... anyone that says they would support Hillary over Trump was never a conservative to begin with. #TedCruzforSupremeCourt"

From William, "Absolutely not. He is a New York liberal. If that weren't bad enough, he's a disgusting human being."

Rachel can't do it either, "No. Trump is just as much a lying, corrupt liberal as Hillary is." 

Elizabeth says, "I'm conservative, so yes, I will vote for Trump, even though I feel he's simply the lesser of two evils."

From Max, "No. Will have to skip the presidential part of my ballot and vote for the rest.  I can't compromise my deeply held beliefs for a man such as Donald Trump." 

Finally, Tracy, "I hate to have to vote for trump but here in America unfortunately we don't get to vote for someone anymore, we have to vote against someone."

I'm Kelly Ogle and that's YOUR 2 Cents.