OKC Police Officer Honored For Saving Suicidal Man's Life

Friday, May 6th 2016, 6:54 pm
By: News 9

Friday night the Oklahoma City Police Department will be honoring several officers at their annual awards banquet, including a few who have saved lives while in the line of duty.

News 9 had the chance to speak with one of those officers who will be receiving two awards, all because he was at the right place at the right time.

It was October 3, 2015. Officers got a call about a suicidal man on a bridge on SE 89th and I-35.

“Calling party was afraid that man was going to jump,” said Sgt. Jacob Cole, who was the first to arrive.

Within minutes, Cole had to jump into action as the man verbally threatened to jump off the bridge. The entire time Cole tried to talk the man down of the ledge.

“He just kept getting closer and he threw one of his legs over the wall, and he wouldn't look at me. He kept looking down,” said Cole. “I just didn't want him to jump, didn't want him to jump. I could see the cars going…on the highway and I was like, ‘I hope we don't get hit.’”

And then Cole reached out and grabbed the man, just as he started to jump. He managed to grab him by his shirt, as those nearby watched as he hung in the air until two Norman officers were able to rush in to help.

“I was just hoping his shirt didn't rip,” said Cole. “I had a good hold, but that was the big thing I was worried about was his shirt ripping. I couldn't do anything about that.”

Fortunately, the crisis was averted due to Cole’s quick thinking. And for his courage and bravery and for saving a life in the process, the OKC police department proudly awards him the Life Saving Award and the Police Medal of honor.

The two Norman officers are identified as Kyle Canaan and Forrest Perry. They are also going to be honored and will be receiving the Certificate of Achievement.