60 Minutes: Earthquake Alley

Sunday, May 8th 2016, 7:47 pm
By: News 9

60 Minutes' Bill Whitaker reports on the high incidence of earthquakes in Oklahoma, where oil and gas production is injecting vast amounts of wastewater into the earth. "Earthquake Alley" aired on May 8, 2016. 

During this time of year, Oklahomans are accustomed to searching the skies for signs of tornadoes. Today, they're just as wary of the hazards coming from the ground beneath their feet. Tornado alley is now earthquake alley. Oklahoma is the most earthquake prone state in the continental US. What's more astonishing is that nearly all of Oklahoma's earthquakes are man-made. They are being triggered by the biggest and most important industry in the state: oil and gas production but it's not from fracking, which is what most people think. Before 2009, there were, on average, two earthquakes a year in Oklahoma that were magnitude 3 or greater. Last year, there were 907. That's right, 907. 

Due to severe weather coverage, News 9 was unable to air this episode of 60 Minutes. Click here to see the full report.