AAA Warns Against Pumping Wrong Fuel Into Vehicle

Monday, May 9th 2016, 9:00 am
By: News 9

AAA has issued a warning ahead of the summer driving season.

AAA is urging drivers to pay close attention to the nozzle when topping off the tank at a gas station. Accidentally pumping the wrong fuel into cars or trucks can lead to expensive repairs.

AAA says most of the confusion comes with nozzles that have colored handles. Most drivers associate those with diesel, but that's not always the case at every gas station. 

In fact, the Oklahoma Corporation Commission says accidentally pumping diesel into gas-powered engines is the number one fueling mistake people make.

AAA advises drivers there is no federal or state requirements when it comes to the color of gas pump nozzles. Your best bet to avoid this costly mistake, just read the machine to make sure you're pumping the right fuel.