Former OKCPS Superintendent Took More Than 120 Days Off In Two Years

Tuesday, May 10th 2016, 4:58 pm
By: News 9

Oklahoma City Public Schools (OKCPS) Superintendent Rob Neu is on paid administrative leave and he’s also sitting on an additional $75,000 thanks to the separation agreement with the district.

But News 9 learned he had a pretty sweet deal even before talks of a resignation began.

Neu's attendance record during his time as superintendent, with a contracted salary of $240,000, shows he was absent about 28 percent of the time.

The documents Ed Allen, the president of the Oklahoma City teacher's union, requested just confirm what he said he already knew about the former superintendent – he was gone a lot.

“We essentially had a part-time superintendent,” he said.

Records reveal Neu took about three days off per 10 work days for various reasons - totaling 125.5 days in less than two years.

Records show 70 days used in 2015. That's 37 vacation days (one of those was more than he'd accrued), seven sick days, and 24.5 professional leave days. He also used two days for bereavement.

And in 2016 he used 30 vacation days, eight sick days and 17 professional leave days, racking up 55 days away from Oklahoma City Public Schools that year.

“I mean he was gone. And we’re glad that he’s permanently gone,” Allen added.

Allen said Neu's absences were always an issue. In a district facing several challenges with the budget and otherwise, he said major changes couldn't be made when Neu was non-existent.

“Leaders lead in front. They don’t lead from behind and he was definitely behind. You know, when you’re not seen, teachers start talking, administrators start talking. Do we really need to be doing what he’s saying we ought to be? He’s not here to lead us and show us how critical it is to jump on board with his programs,” Allen said.

The district did not have a comment on his absences Monday.

Neu officially does not work for OKCPS on July 1.