Neighbors Survey Damage After Tornado Rips Through Murray County

Tuesday, May 10th 2016, 7:19 pm
By: News 9

Many homes out in Murray County are damaged after Monday’s tornado. All of Tuesday, people in town were picking up the pieces and trying to salvage items.

“I was watching channel 9 and I was watching the tornado go up toward Wynnewood,” said Cheri Wolfe.

She’s lived in Sulphur for the past 36 years.

Minutes later, the tornado shifted directions and came directly at her.

“We watched it come across that field over there,” said Wolfe.

That’s when she ran to the tornado shelter with her family.

After coming out of the shelter, she found her property destroyed. The twister ripped off the roof of her home, belongings were piled on top of each other, trucks were tipped over and glass was shattered everywhere.

She describes the tornado as having a constant roar, the loudest she’s ever heard in her life.

She said all the material damage doesn’t matter. What worries her the most is the horses on her farm. Nine of them were injured by the tornado. When the walls and roof of her home blew off, it was thrown into the horse pen. Some of them may need surgery.

Immediately after the tornado hit, Wolfe said people came to help. Neighbors and friends took her injured horses to the veterinarians, brought her food, and offered to help clean up.

“They drove through debris to get through us,” she said. “What can we do? How can we help? Everybody has been wonderful. I don’t even know what to say.”

The Murray County Sheriff’s Office is doing a count to get exact numbers of how many homes were damaged. The spokesperson confirmed there were five calls after the tornado. Three people were injured and one was sent to the emergency room.