Police Look For Man Accused Of Punching Teenager At Quail Springs Mall

Tuesday, May 10th 2016, 10:10 pm
By: News 9

The search continues for the man responsible for knocking out a Yukon teenager at Quail Springs Mall.

Investigators hope new pictures of the suspect will help to find him.

The attack at the Quail Springs JC Penney's left the teen unconscious. He said it was unprovoked and he still has no idea why it happened.

During football season, it's normally Blane Biswell dishing out the hits while playing defensive end for Yukon High School.

“Yeah, I’m used to being hit, I’m used to being put on my butt, I’m used to everything just full contact. I'm just so used to it. Just getting knocked out is something totally different,” Biswell said.   

Never did he expect the hit to knock him out would happen off the gridiron, but rather inside JC Penney's on a family shopping trip. Biswell and his sister Katelyn waited for their mom on a swing inside the store.

“This guy and his girlfriend comes walking by us and his girlfriend says 'oh my gosh, it's dark outside'. And we'd been in the store since it was as bright as day. I look at Katelyn and I was like 'oh my gosh, Katelyn, it is dark outside. We've been in here forever,'” he said.

Biswell remembers the man, who was leaving the store, walk back and punch him in the face.

“He hit me right in the jaw. Just right here. Just a clean punch. Just knocked me out,” said Biswell.

Biswell's parents searched for the man captured on the security camera leaving the mall after the attack but never found him.

The family is relying on someone to identify the man in these pictures to find Biswell's attacker.

“This behavior is just insane. It's just absolutely uncalled for. You can't just go to someone and hit them in the face,” said Biswell.

If you recognize the man in the picture, call Crime Stoppers at 235-7300.