Garvin Co. Storm Victim Killed While On The Phone With Family

Tuesday, May 10th 2016, 11:10 pm
By: News 9

One of the two victims who died as a result of Monday's storms was at home in Garvin County and on the phone with family when the tornado hit.

Loy Kittrell, was Mike Barnes' stepson but he said their relationship was much closer than that.

"He was like my best friend," Kittrell said.

So close, Kittrell was one of the first people on the phone with Barnes when a severe storm with the chance of tornadoes came dangerously close to his home.

"(He) actually informed me it was within just yards of his house," Kittrell said.

Kittrell said he thinks he was more nervous than Barnes was.

"No, he was not scared a bit," Kittrell said. "He was actually describing the trees getting tore up as it was happening and that's when the phone went dead."

Just before advising his stepdad to get to the bathroom, the tornado ripped through Barnes' property leaving little behind. But Kittrell says the most precious thing it took was his stepdad's life.

"The only thing that scared me was the phone went dead and I couldn't get him to return my call," he said.

He lived on his own on the outskirts of Wynnewood after losing his wife just over a year ago.

After that loss, Kittrell says Banres planned his own funeral to avoid being a burden to his family.

"I don't know if he was ready to go but he was at peace with it," Kittrell said.