My 2 Cents: Kevin Durant's Future In Oklahoma City

Thursday, May 12th 2016, 10:41 pm
By: News 9

With the Thunder advancing to the Conference Finals, it's seems like a good time to talk about Kevin Durant's future. He'll be a free agent this summer, and there's been speculation that if the Thunder don't win a title, or at least make it to the Championship series he would leave Oklahoma City.

I'm not saying it can't happen, I just don't think it will.

He may be from the big city, Washington D.C., but when I went there and talked to a couple of the basketball people who've known him since he was a high schooler, they both said KD is really more of a small town kind of guy. They told me he doesn't like a lot of attention, or an entourage, he values his privacy, and he's loyal.

Don't forget his love for the Longhorns after only one season there. 

And look at the smile on his face in a selfie video he took when hundreds of fans greeted the team at the airport after Tuesday's win - that's genuine appreciation for the way Oklahoma has embraced him and his mates.

I tried to squeeze his mom for some insight into what he's thinking when we sat down and talked a couple of months ago, she said he loves OKC but she has no idea what his decision will be.

I would just say, don't let the big city basketball pundits who don't understand the subtle allure of a city like ours rattle your cage with all this KD is leaving talk.

I'm Kelly Ogle and that's My 2 Cents.