Time Running Out For State Budget Deal

Monday, May 23rd 2016, 7:03 pm

During this last week of the legislative session, legislative leaders continue to meet behind closed doors, and try to hammer out a budget deal. 

They're not there yet, but News 9 was told a deal could be struck soon.

Last week, legislators identified hundreds of millions of dollars in cuts to tax credits.

While a cigarette tax failed, legislators told News 9 they've identified about $1 billion in savings and revenue increases out of the $1.3 billion budget deficit. 

The governor said she wants to borrow up to $500 million to make up any difference, the state House wants to cap the borrowing at $300 million, and the state Senate doesn't want to spend any more than $150 million.

Legislative leaders told News 9 they aren't really squabbling over the figures. 

They say they're so busy that their schedules aren't meshing and they haven't had the time to really sit down and discuss the figures. 

Rank and file legislators say that's upsetting. 

They say they want time to look over any spending plan before voting on it, and right now, time is running out.