Financial Planning With Money Saving Apps

Monday, May 23rd 2016, 11:07 pm
By: News 9

Millennials grew up with the rise of technology and in the middle of the Great Recession, that's why many financial planners see them embracing money saving apps.

Bill Connolly is really watching his budget right now; he's set to move from New York to Los Angeles next month.

"I at least like to know how far I'm overstepping my bounds," said Connolly.

That's why he downloaded Mint. It's an app that tracks how much money you have how many bills you have coming your way and lets you set savings goals.

"You can set up alerts, if I say that I want to budget only $100 a week on food and it says you spent $300 a week it can email me and say 'what are you doing, reel it in a little bit,'" Connolly said.

Dan Schawbel is a millennial who tracks workplace habits for his generation. He sees apps becoming the popular way millennials save money, manage their budget or even invest.

"Millennials could be using multiple banks and multiple credit cards and these apps basically put them all in one app," said Schawbel, a trend expert.

The app "level money" will keep track of your budget and give you a look at how much money you have left to spend each day, week and month.

Acorns takes your spare change from your linked credit and debit card purchases and then rounds it to the nearest dollar. That change is then invested in six different funds.

"It actually is an incentive for millennials to start saving because it's a little bit each time," he said.

And millennials like Connolly think the apps allow him to save more by alerting him in real-time.

"I would forget to put money into savings or put it into an investment portfolio if there wasn't some technology doing it for me," said Connolly.