These Bad Habits Could Be Healthy

Friday, June 10th 2016, 9:29 am
By: News 9

Feeling bad about skipping a workout or sleeping in? Health experts say there's no need to beat yourself up about it.

Many of us keep a tally of all the unhealthy habits we have, but experts say it's time to stop.

First up, skipping a workout. This is a sign your body may need rest. Now, the key is to know when your muscles need to recover versus when you just don't want to go. 

Secondly, Indulging. You may think having willpower is key to your weight loss success, but experts say that chocolate cake may help your waistline because doing every once in a while could prevent binge eating.

Lastly, sleeping in. There may be a good reason for hitting that snooze button five times. Experts say sleep is equally as important as diet when it comes to overall health.