Estimated $100,000 Worth Of Guns, Other Valuables Stolen In Dewey County

Monday, June 13th 2016, 6:40 pm
By: Dana Hertneky

Nearly a $100,000's worth of guns, the gun safes they were in and other valuables were stolen over the weekend in Dewey County. Because of the amount of firearms that were stolen the ATF may get involved.

Scott Holmes is an avid outdoorsman. His hobby has taken him to Africa twice and resulted in a large collection of firearms.

“I’m not a gun nut. I just love the great outdoors and I love anything that will get me outdoors and I just happen to enjoy the shooting sports and hunting,” said Holmes on Monday.

But Holmes discovered his 40 plus pistols, rifles, shotguns and muzzle loaders had all been stolen when he visited his property Sunday afternoon south of Oakwood.  

In addition, the thieves stole three gun safes which stored the guns, a safe with personal information, a digital camera, high dollar lenses, and various other valuables.

“It was pretty ransacked,” Holmes said of this property. “They pulled containers off the shelves and went through them and just left them on the ground. They pretty much went through everything.”

Holmes has pictures and serial numbers of all the guns, and investigators believe that may help them track down the firearms and the people who stole them. Holmes sure hopes so. He's been accumulating his collection for 40 years and many of the guns have a great sentimental value in addition to a large monetary value.

“They may or may not have known what I had but they hit the jackpot,” he said.

Holmes said he is willing to pay a reward for anyone who can help him get his property back.

If anyone knows anything, contact the Dewey County Sheriff's Department at (580) 328-5558.