Waitress Chases Customers, Jumps On Car After ‘Dine And Dash’ In Guthrie

Wednesday, June 15th 2016, 11:12 pm
By: News 9

A Guthrie waitress is recovering after chasing down two customers who skipped out on their tab. Police said she threw herself onto the suspects' car as they sped out of the parking lot.

The tab was only about 50 bucks, but those customers took off leaving their waitress injured and bleeding in the parking lot.

The two weren't regulars at Legends, but they didn't stand out to any of the staff working at Tuesday night.

“They were really nice. They wanted a couple of beers. They were getting kind of tipsy,” said Paxton Libby, Waitress.

The man and woman ordered a few drinks and an appetizer. But when it came time for the bill, the two bolted.

“I come around the corner and she's already walking past Ramsey. And I was like, ‘Did they pay? And they are scrambling because they see me,” said Libby.

Without thinking twice Paxton Libby chased after the two, worried she was now responsible for footing the tab.

“I thought maybe she was running to go get the tag number for the car, maybe a description for me so I can call the cops,” said Ramsey Marquez, Bar Manager.

Libby jumped on to the trunk of the car hoping it'd be enough to stop the customers from running off.

“When they stopped, I guess it jerked me, and I fell off. And that's when I busted my head,” said Libby.

Coworkers found Libby in a pool of blood in the parking lot. An ambulance rushed her to OU Medical Center where doctors put several staples in the back of her head.

Libby was only a week into her new job at Legends, and already experienced a server's worst fear.

“How rude and inconsiderate can you be to just not pay for something you intentionally got,” said Libby.

Legends is working to turn over video from several surveillance cameras to help police identity the customers.