Democratic Senators Call For Tougher Gun Laws In DC

Thursday, June 16th 2016, 8:30 am
By: News 9

Democratic senators will stand with gun violence survivors Thursday in Washington, D.C., and call for tougher gun laws.

This comes after one frustrated lawmaker's 15-hour filibuster on gun-control legislation.

Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy wants action on two fronts.

The first, he's calling for a ban on the sale of guns to people the government suspects of being a terrorist.

Currently, it's illegal for felons, fugitives and illegal immigrants to buy guns but not suspected terrorists.

Democrats are also calling for universal background checks for gun buyers.

While members of both parties want solutions, there is another concern.

FBI Director James Comey said if a suspected terrorist is blocked from buying a weapon, it may tip them off that the FBI is on their trail.

Gun violence has also taken over the race for the White House.

Donald Trump said he will meet with the NRA to discuss banning gun sales for those on the terrorist watch list and no-fly list.

Hillary Clinton wants Congress to reinstate the assault weapons ban signed by her husband that expired in 2004.