Health Official: One Confirmed West Nile Virus Case In Pittsburg Co.

Thursday, June 16th 2016, 11:41 am
By: LeighAnne Manwarren

The first West Nile virus case in the state has been confirmed in Pittsburg County, the state Health Department said Thursday.

At least three mosquito sample pools were also confirmed as carrying the West Nile virus in Oklahoma County, a county health official said.

Oklahoma residents are asked to take extra precautions against the mosquito-borne illness by avoiding mosquito bites and reducing habitats where mosquitoes live and breed.

Avoid and/or drain standing water, protect homes by keeping window and door screens in good repair, and use larvicides to reduce or eliminate the need for ground or aerial application of pesticides to kill adult mosquitoes. 

The OKC-County Health Department suggests preventing items such as buckets, cans, pool covers, flower pots and tires from holding standing water, and to empty and refill birdbaths and pet's outdoor water bowls daily.

West Nile symptoms include fever, headache, body ache and sometimes a rash. The most susceptible to the illness include infants and the elderly. If symptoms are severe, health officials say to contact your doctor immediately.

In 2015, there were 89 cases of West Nile virus and 10 people died from the illness. 

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