OKC Bus Driver Describes Moments Before Deadly Officer-Involved Shooting

Monday, June 27th 2016, 7:46 pm
By: News 9

On Monday, Oklahoma City police released the names of the suspect and two officers involved in Friday’s deadly shooting near NW 23 and Classen Boulevard.

Oklahoma City police identified the suspect as 42-year-old Miguel Chavez-Angles and said he has no criminal history with them.

Police said officer Heather Lane, who has one year of service with the department, was the first officer who responded. Officer Daniel Carli, who has three years of service with the force, was the second officer who responded and who shot and killed Chavez-Angles after he lunged and grabbed Carli’s gun and refused to let go during a struggle with the officers.

Police said this all started after a report of a vandalism along NW 11 Street. That is where the suspect was seen grabbing a rock and bashing out a car window.

Chris Moisant said he was walking down the street when he heard and saw the car window break.

“He said 'No, it wasn't a robbery, I own this car,'” said Moisant.

Chavez-Anglez then got into a car with two women near the Stella Modern Italian Cuisine's parking lot and forced them to drive him down the street, police said. 

He then bailed out and took off running down NW 23 Street to the O’Reilly’s Auto Parts store where he walked in, locked the door, and tried to hide behind the front counter. Workers there say he then got spooked and ran out of the store and took off running down NW 23, where he boarded a city bus at the bus stop, police said.

That's when the bus driver said the suspect gave him a roll of money to take him to NW 46 Street. The driver said the man fell to his knees and started praying.

“I'm thinking he was on some heavy drugs because he was rambling, rambling, rambling, rambling,” said John Mobley, the driver on the bus the suspect got on.

Mobley said the next thing he knew, the suspect grabbed the fire extinguisher off the bus, and that's when Mobley pulled over and told the passengers to get off the bus. That's when a female officer got on.

“The next thing I know, he charges the woman. He went after the gun,” said Mobley. “I saw a bullet go by my leg and I jumped off the bus.”

Police are giving this bus driver a lot of credit for keeping a level-head during the situation, and for getting his passengers off the bus before bullets started flying.

“Running from bullets on the bus, that's not what you get paid to do,” said Mobley. “I just want to drive.”

Mobley has been an Oklahoma City bus driver for the past eight years and has seen some crazy things.

But nothing like what happened on Friday night.

“It was a trip,” said Mobley. “This guy was trying to take the gun from her (Lane) and I was like ‘Oh my God.'”

Oklahoma City police said they plan to release the bus surveillance video after the investigation has been completed.