"Black Lives Matter" Rally Still Scheduled For This Weekend In OKC

Friday, July 8th 2016, 12:45 pm

Local Black Lives Matter organizers say they briefly discussed whether to cancel their rally Sunday, but agreed their message is much too important.

Organizer Grace Franklin says she knows some people are questioning the timing of the event, especially in the wake of the Dallas ambush. 

"The timing does not change for people who have been pulled over and killed,” said Franklin. “So we have to discuss it."

Even though organizers say they are getting heat over the planned event. 

"There are some organizers who did get a few death threats. We know that there are groups coming from different places to kind of counter protest,” said Franklin.

Oklahoma City Police plan to have an increased presence at the rally. They say people have the right to protest safely.  

"This shouldn't be an indictment against peaceful protestors that have a message. A legitimate message and concerns,” said Oklahoma City Police Chief Bill Citty. “This should not be a reflection on those individuals that have concerns about law enforcement and wanting us to do our job better."

Protestors plan to honor the officers killed, but also talk about black people killed by officers. 

"Our issue is black lives don't seem to matter as much. Based on the sheer reaction from what's happened this whole week."  Franklin said, "It is a difficult time. It doesn't make it less difficult if we don't do the protest."

People will be meeting at the Calvary Baptist Church on Walnut Avenue Sunday at 5 p.m. A march about a block long will start around 5:30 p.m.