Counter-Protesters Create Stressful Moments At Black Lives Matter Rally

Sunday, July 10th 2016, 10:30 pm

For the most part, the Black Lives Matter rally in Bricktown was peaceful with demonstrators even stopping from time to time to thank Oklahoma City police officers for being there, some offering a bottle of water or a handshake. 

But the protest did have some stressful moments.

One protester screamed at police. 

"Y'all ain't never stood up for nothing but yourselves,” a man shouted at one officer. “And this could be his partner right here.  He can know he's doing wrong and he ain't gonna say (expletive). That's how (expletive) that is. Got a license to kill. They want us to respect them. I don't respect (expletive)."

The demonstrator was quickly quieted by other demonstrators.  

And that seemed to be the case throughout the otherwise peaceful protest. A few people getting out of hand and the majority of people reeling them back in.

Just before the rally started, two men, describing themselves as "fundamentalist, Bible-believing Christians" used a megaphone to try to stir up protesters, calling them felons and drug users. 

At one point, someone grabbed a sign from one of the two, but other demonstrators quickly restored peace.  

"We love all people," demonstrator Dajona Lewis said. “Me and my family, we love all people. Regardless of who you are. We're gonna show you love. That's how we were raised that's how we were brought up. And love is the answer."

Another group, carrying Confederate rebel flags, also counter protested. They were shouted down and eventually moved to another area.

The group left halfway through the event and did not have a permit to assemble, Oklahoma City police Capt. Paco Balderrama said.

Demonstrators said this rally was about peace, not violence. Over the past week, they say, we've all seen enough of that.

"It’s just a tragedy on both ends,” demonstrator Terri Mason said. “I mean, it's a serious problem that's going on and it needs to be addressed."

Demonstrator Cheryl Sanders agreed.   

"To me, it's really about all lives matter," she said.

Police arrested one spectator after that person caused a disturbance, Balderrama said. The spectator was not a participant in the rally.