News 9 Takes Breaking News, Storm Tracking To New Level With StreetScope

Thursday, July 14th 2016, 5:01 pm
By: News 9

News 9 brings you footage of breaking news and severe weather live as it's happening from Bob Mills SkyNews 9. Now, we're taking that bird’s eye view to a whole new level, to give you the exact location of the scene. It's called StreetScope and it's only on 9.

From tornadoes to car chases, News 9 Pilot Jim Gardner has seen it all. Now with StreetScope, our new advanced mapping technology, he can pinpoint a scene with greater accuracy.

"The viewer is going to be part of this, looking at all the streets and everything," said Jim Gardner, News 9 Pilot.

The technology can overlay addresses and street and building names on top of real-time video while also give you specific information at a moment's notice. Using a News 9 vehicle to demonstrate a car chase, you can see the actual speed and distance of the vehicle Gardner is following.

"It will lay down a bread crumb trail and when the chase ends we can pin it again and it's going to tell us how many miles we went and where the route was," Gardner said.

The technology gives us greater precision when gathering news for you.