Surveillance Video Shows Suspect Struggle With Officer For Gun

Monday, July 18th 2016, 8:05 pm
By: News 9

Surveillance video of an officer-involved shooting shows a suspect scuffle with a police officer for her gun.

It happened minutes before he was shot and killed aboard an Oklahoma City bus last month.

Oklahoma City police Chief Bill Citty released the video Monday and released new details about the man who was shot and killed.

Citty felt it was important to show exactly what took place in the moments before, during and after the shooting, and why their officers were left with no choice but to use deadly force.

Miguel Chavez Angles, 42, had no prior arrests or any kind of criminal record, police said.

The police's investigation revealed Chavez was distraught over a potential divorce and had been seen causing a disturbance at a nearby church.

"Mr. Chavez was praying on the floor, banging his head on the floor ... seemed like he was in crisis," Citty said.

Hours before Chavez boarded the bus, he was voluntarily admitted to a hospital for psychiatric evaluation, but he was discharged a short time later. That is when police say he went on a crime spree, smashing out a car window, forcing two women to drive him up the street, and then boarded the city bus in an attempt to get away, police said.

"Officers in the field were getting information all along," Citty said.

When Chavez boarded the bus, he demanded for the driver to take him to his street without making any stops, according to the bus video. It shows Chavez acting erratic and jumping up to the platform where the fire extinguisher was and that is when the bus driver stopped the bus and ordered everybody off.

When police officers boarded the bus, Chavez struggled with the female officer over her gun before he is shot and killed.

"She did a tremendous job hanging onto that gun," Citty said.

Citty said the uncut video shows officers did everything they could to get Chavez to release the gun, but shows how they had no choice but to shoot.

"They both probably saved each other's lives based on what could have occurred if he was able to get a hold of that," Citty said.

The case is yet to be presented to the Oklahoma County District Attorney's Office but the district attorney has seen the video and it will be up to him to determine if any charges are filed.

The officers involved are currently on administrative leave.