Mental Health Evaluations Previously Sought For Suspect Killed By Police On City Bus

Tuesday, July 19th 2016, 7:07 pm
By: News 9

New details coming out about the man shot and killed by police on a city bus reveal that police had been called out of him before.

Court papers filed Tuesday state Oklahoma City officers were called out a total of three times on Miguel Chavez and each one was for a mental health intervention.

On Monday, Oklahoma City police released the surveillance video that was taken on the city bus the day of the shooting that gave us our first look at Chavez and showed exactly what took place aboard that bus.

It shows Chavez acting manic around the bus driver asking him to go to his street non-stop and jumping up on a platform where the fire extinguisher was. It then showed him fighting with police, refusing to let go of an officer's gun.

Both the police chief and documents confirm Chavez had been admitted to St. Anthony's hospital for evaluation after causing a disturbance at a south side church.

Court papers reveal his wife said about three months ago he started showing signs of mental illness and acting strange. She confirmed they were currently getting a divorce -  and that the day of the shooting, he had wanted to take their son from the home to "save his soul" because he felt the family was condemned.

It states the day before police were called about Chavez after he tried to take one of his kids from the home because, "God was not in the house and God was with him."

Court papers also state at one point during his manic crime spree, Chavez was told police were being called on him and  he then told those witnesses that, "Cops are the devil."