Pet Owner Finds Animal Remains At El Reno Shelter

Saturday, July 30th 2016, 11:34 pm
By: News 9

Yukon resident June Woodall sums herself up in a few words.

“Definitely a strong dog lover,” she said.

And that love runs deep.

“I foster dogs and pick up strays and try to help them as much as I can,” Woodall said.

So it makes sense that Woodall was upset when she said she picked up a family dog from the El Reno Animal Control Shelter this week and noticed something was off.

He was “highly dehydrated, he was urinating black and the vet said it’s because he had no water for the last couple of days,” she said.

The shelter may not be open for business seven days a week but El Reno police say the animals there are fed and watered everyday.

Upon further investigation of the shelter, Woodall said she noticed dead animals behind a dumpster just outside the fence.

“I was so angry I could just probably bite a nail in two to be honest about it,” Woodall said.

She has documented the remains and thinks they from more than one animal.

Officers say this happened off  shelter property and is against their rules.

“People will drop off animals, tie them up to the poles in front of the shelter or just tie them to the door knob or dump them off at the dumpster and we asked they don’t just dump the animals because it may be an hour or so before an animal control officer gets back and we want to make sure the animals are left in a safe manner,” El Reno police Lt. Greg Meeks said

Even so, Woodall said a better staffed shelter would help put her concerns about the bones to rest.