OKC-Based Artist Chosen To Create Hillary Clinton Campaign Button

Saturday, August 13th 2016, 6:09 pm
By: Grant Hermes

An Oklahoma City-based graphic designer is set to be a part of political history after becoming one of a select group of American artists chosen by the Hillary Clinton campaign to design unique political buttons.

Tulsa-born design artist Scott Allen Hill is one of just 45 artists chosen by the Hillary Clinton campaign to design buttons.

According the campaign’s website, Hill is a part of the “Forty-Five Pin Project,” the number matching the place in presidential history for which Clinton is running.

Hill said he received an email from a friend at the New York City design firm in charge of Clinton’s marketing plan asking him to create a unique design for a campaign button. Hill said he was somewhat surprised by the offer and admitted, sheepishly, he hadn’t been following the campaign all that closely.

“Honestly, over the years, I've wanted to stay away from things that were political just because they were so polarizing and heated emotionally,” he said about his work.

His work this time, however, will surely be on its way to the history books as a part of the campaign for the first woman nominated by a major American political party.

“I think the moment when I kind of went 'whoa' was when it launched and I saw who the other 44 were. There were some people who I kind of consider to be design heroes that I was really excited to be in company with,” Hill said.

He initially tried a few more whimsical ideas until he landed on a simple two toned blue button with the simple phrase, "So my daughter knows She (sic) can be president" followed by Hillary 16 (sic). The inspiration? His own 9-month-old daughter Sylva.

“When I reflected it was really simple and that thought came immediately to mind. Who would be looking out for my daughter and her future,” he said. "There's never going to be a candidate that I'm 100 percent aligned with, ever, but with this specific election, I said there's one of them that's championing women and there's one that's not."

According to the polling website 538.com, Clinton has a one percent chance of winning Oklahoma and Oklahoma Democrats voted for Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont, in the primary. But Hill said it doesn't matter.

“I know there's a slim chance that Hillary wins in this state, but at least I got to say why it was important to me,” he said.

The buttons are currently on sale on the campaign’s website for $5 for a single set or $100 for a full set of all 45 buttons.