Cushing Man Accused Of Molestation Out On Bond

Monday, August 15th 2016, 7:07 pm
By: News 9

A man accused molesting a 14-year-old is out on bond and claims to be suffering from a sleep disorder called sexsomnia. 

Certified sleep study technician Michael Shryock said he thought he'd heard it all until News 9 asked him about sexsomnia.

“A lot of people might not want to talk about it but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist,” he said.

Sexsomnia is a sleep disorder Matthew Goss says he has and is his defense in a molestation case against him.

According to court documents, his wife caught Goss in a sexual position on top of their 14-year-old relative in the middle of the night in December.

The victim described Goss' actions in detail to police.

She says he "… touched her breast under her shirt and then removed her pants and his pants.”

The report also said Goss' wife said her husband has sexsomnia, a disorder she said caused the incident.

Shryock said sexsomnia fits under the umbrella of parasomnia.

“Sleepwalking, sleep talking, night terrors, and there have been instances of people eating in their sleep,” he said.

According to investigators, Goss was not able to produce any medical records or other proof of his alleged diagnosis.