Inmate Helps Detention Officer During Attack At Payne Co. Jail

Thursday, August 18th 2016, 10:37 pm
By: News 9

Security cameras were rolling as a detention officer was attacked by an inmate at the Payne County Jail.  Another inmate came to the officer's rescue, and helped him get the man under control.

It seemed like a simple request last Monday, inmate Tashka Maret asked a detention officer to use the restroom since there wasn't one inside his cell. Little did Officer Matthew Hudson know, Maret would come out of his cell swinging.

Caught off guard, Maret managed to get several hits in before Officer Hudson called out on his radio for help. But just as he did, Maret body slammed him to the ground.

The two wrestled for a bit, all the while, Robert Hammock sat patiently on a bench waiting to be released.

A few more punches were thrown before Hammock decided to step in.

He gave Maret a big bear hug and pulled the fighting inmate off the officer.

Between the two men, Maret was finally taken down just as back up arrives.

And Hammock returned to his seat on the bench waiting to be let out.

The fight forced officers to restrain Maret, who was eventually wheeled back in to his cell.

While it wasn't part of protocol to have an inmate step in to help a detention officer in need, the Payne County Sheriff's Office is thankful for Hammock's assistance.

Officer Hudson was checked out by doctors at the hospital, but had no serious injuries.

As for Maret, he's now facing an additional charge of assault and battery against a police officer.