Unique Surgery Helps Kingfisher Teen

Monday, October 10th 2016, 4:43 pm
By: Karl Torp

A Kingfisher teenager is sharing his battle about what he thought was an embarrassing condition and the help he received.

Caleb Cameron, 16, suffers from hyperhidrosis. In his case, his hands and feet would sweat profusely.

“I’d had to change my socks probably three times a day,” said Caleb.

The now high school sophomore would carry a towel around with him at home because his hands were always so wet.

“It kind of takes your confidence away a little bit,” added Caleb, who plays on his high school’s golf team.

“He didn’t want to shake people’s hand. He didn’t want to give high fives. He didn’t want to touch anybody,” said Caleb’s mom, Rachel Cameron.

Oral medication didn't work, but when the family learned on a first-of-a-kind surgery, they traveled to San Antonio to get it done.

“You don’t lose feeling at all in the hand,” said San Antonio Surgeon, David Nielsen.

Unlike similar surgeries, Nielson does not collapse a patient’s lung to get to the nerve that tells his hands and feet to sweat. Recovery is usually around two weeks.

“I cut the nerve and therefore it stops all the nerve signal transmission to the affected area,” said Nielson, who says he’s had patients from as far as Australia come for his surgery.

“This was immediate,” said Rachel Cameron about her son’s results.

Caleb now uses hand lotion at least once because his hands and feet no longer produce moisture naturally.

“I know people think here are bad things with surgery, but this really helped me in my life,” said Caleb.

To learn more about the unique surgery, visit www.Hyperhidrosis-USA.com.