State Lawmakers Looking For Ways To Increase Revenue

Thursday, December 29th 2016, 6:02 pm
By: Karl Torp

In the wake of a nearly $900-million budget shortfall, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin says she’ll look at getting rid of sales tax exemptions for some services.

According to Governor Fallin, Oklahoma has 150 services that are sales tax exempt. She claims that amounts to $8-billion a year.

Governor Fallin said during this upcoming legislative session she will look at way to the state can claim some of that money.

“We exempt a lot of things like car washes, tattoos, pet grooming, sports tickets,” said Governor Fallin during a news conference last week.

“We could tax tattoos and that’s not going to take care of the budget problem,” said House Minority Floor Leader Rep. David Perryman.

Rep. Perryman said a better and bigger idea would mean stopping what he calls “irresponsible tax cuts”, that have hurt schools, prisons, and public safety for years.

“Until we examine that and look at that, we are going to continue to have a budget hole that won’t be filled,” said Rep. Perryman.