Pocasset Man, Town At Odds In Property Dispute

Tuesday, February 7th 2017, 1:25 pm
By: Dana Hertneky

In the tiny town of Pocasset, population 156 according to the 2010 census, longtime resident Homer Hulme said this is what happens when you try to fight City Hall.

The town put up a chain link fence right across his driveway. His property used to have a tree lined drive that led to his house.

“It’s been that way since the horse and buggy days,” he said on Tuesday.

Hulme said the city had the trees cut down, and then three weeks ago, put up the big chain link fence that zigzags across his driveway.

“What you have is a Board of Trustees that all voted unanimously to spend taxpayer money so they can antagonize me with this,” he said.

Homer said he's been in a four-yearlong battle with the city over a piece of property with a water main running through it.

The City tried to buy the property and when he refused they tried to annex it but were unsuccessful. He thinks the fence around city property right next door was put there in retaliation.

“As you can see there’s nothing built there. That wasn’t needed for anything. There’s not a thing parked there,” he said.

Not only that but they also got permission from county commissioners to block a public easement in the process. Hulme can access his house through an adjoining lot with his business on it, but his personal lot is landlocked with no street access. Even worse, he said, if emergency crews were called to his address they wouldn't be able to find him.

“If the ambulance is stopped out here and I’m lying in there dying who’s going to be responsible for it? It’s pathetic,” Hulme said.

News 9 called the Pocasset mayor about this and she referred questions to the city attorney who said he couldn't comment until he spoke to all the town trustees.  

News 9 also reached out to Hulme’s county commissioner about why commissioners approved blocking the easement but was told he wasn’t available.