SE OKC Couple Grabs Hoses To Fight Wildfire

Monday, February 13th 2017, 6:18 pm
By: News 9

The Sunday wildfire that burned almost 900 acres of land was too close to comfort for some neighbors in southeast Oklahoma City.

"This was the scariest thing I have been through," said Sarah Sutton. "Just like I said, seeing that fire come across the yard the way it did."

From SE 149 Street, Sutton said she could see the fire two miles away from where it originated.

With the high winds blowing in the direction of her home, Sutton said, "we knew it was coming."

Thinking fast, the two connected their hoses and started spraying down their property. Soon, the entire neighborhood was evacuated. Sutton and her husband decided to stay put.

"We were determined to save the house," she said.

Embers eventually jumped to neighbors homes across the street and traveled toward Sutton's home. The couple battled the fire head on. Sutton said four fire departments came to help them extinguish the fire.

It was about 1 p.m. on Sunday when the fire reached Sutton's home. She said she and her husband were out until 7 p.m., putting out the flames with buckets of water and hoses. She is more than grateful that her home and her family are safe.

Overall, about 200 firefighters from 12 fire departments worked to put out the wildfire.