Cyber Security A Priority At The State Capitol After Virus Attack

Wednesday, February 15th 2017, 7:39 am
By: News 9

State officials have announced that one agency's computers were infected with a virus in 2016 and several agencies remain vulnerable.

Cyber attacks on state computers came to a head this week when it was discovered that agency might have used taxpayer money to pay a ransom.But, just last night, the Governor confirmed that agency did not pay a ransom.

A 2011 House bill was passed to put all state computers under an agency called Cyber Command, which has been given resources to quickly detect and prevent cyber attacks. At least 89 agencies have taken the necessary steps to be adequately protected under Cyber Command.

Representative Jason Murphy said he didn't want to release the name of the affected agency or the other 19 vulnerable agencies.

“Security concerns are always a catch-22,” Murphy said, “(I)t's important for the public to know when an agency fails to follow best security protocol and practice but it's important for us to use good judgment as state leaders and not make a state agency a target for an additional attack.”

Those 20 agencies, though, have until September 30 to come up to par.