New Report Shows Okies Can Do More With House Fire Prevention

Friday, March 10th 2017, 6:24 am
By: News 9

Out of 100 U.S. cities, Oklahoma City ranks No. 55 when it comes to highest home fire risk.

The ranking is based on an analysis of the U.S. Fire Administration's National Fire Incident Reporting System.

Oklahomans responded to a survey which revealed some interesting info.

- 51 percent of people charged a device in bed overnight in the past year, compared to 34 percent nationally.

- 56 percent left the kitchen while cooking something on a stove in the past year.

- 35 percent left a room with a lit candle.

According to the Hartford Home Fire Index, a house fire is reported once every 86 seconds.

Oklahoma City Fire Department has a few tips to help prevent house fires.

- Do not use extension cords that are in poor repair. Homeowners should inspect all cords in their home regularly and replace cords that have broken, frayed, or otherwise damaged insulation. Cords should never be run under carpeting, rugs, or clutter of any kind.

- Outdoor gas devices should never be used indoors for heating. Although it is not clear if this heating device caused this fire, this is the second fire we have had this year where an outdoor gas appliance was being used as heat indoors.

- Working smoke alarms are paramount! Homeowners need to ensure that they have WORKING smoke alarms inside each sleeping area, outside each sleeping area, and on every level of the home. The kitchen, bathrooms, and garage are NOT good places for smoke alarms due to false alarm potential (smoke from cooking, steam from showers, car exhaust.)

Also, The Hartford will donate $10,000 each to the Oklahoma City Fire Department and Oklahoma City Public Schools for fire safety education.