WEB EXTRA: Rep. Russell Answers Questions On Trump's Wall

Friday, March 10th 2017, 8:55 am
By: News 9

News 9 reporter Justin Dougherty recently spoke with Oklahoma Representative Steve Russell. When asked about President's Donald Trump's idea to build a wall along the southern border, Russell had this to say.

JD: Does this signal that Mexico will not be paying for the wall?

Rep. Russell: I think they're looking at every option in terms of trade and foreign aid and a lot of other tools that the President has... and how we secure the boarder the president and I are making sure on the technical aspects on that I think we can do some of that without giant obstacles. I think we can do it with means that we used in the military which are effective. I think those would be cheaper. We are having those discussions.

JD: Do you believe Mexico will pay for the wall?

Rep. Russell: I think whatever we do with the expense of the wall, the president is going to find some way to apply pressure on Mexico whether it be through a trade or foreign aid, the president seems very consistent on his statements on that. We'll look to see what his plan is. We've not seen the proposals. I think we can find some net savings by using technical means rather than the Great Wall of the Rio Grande.